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SIB has always built its plants according to the highest standards and our designers use the most modern technological solutions regarding the managing of the systems, ease of use and maintenance, conservation of energy.

We have been using the consolidated and multipurpose controlled atmosphere technology for years, to protect the material from oxidation and for surface enrichment heat treatments. Among the gases for controlled atmospheres we include inert gases such as nitrogen or argon, protective mixtures for quenching such as endogas from generators or nitrogen / methanol system, reducing gases such as hydrogen, carburizing gases such as methane and propane and nitriding gases such as anhydrous ammonia.

We build furnaces both with electric heating, using innovative solutions to allow easy and quick replacement of the elements, and with gaseous heating using the most modern high efficiency combustion systems with heat recovery and low NOx emission.

Process measurement and control systems have developed exceptionally in recent years. We regularly use hydrogen probes for nitriding and Kn measurement, oxygen probes and gas analyzers for carburizing treatments and %C measurement, lambda probes for dew point measurement, ...
All systems may be managed and completed by automation with PLC and HMI Touch Screen panels, SIBVISION Supervision Systems with PC and remote assistance..

The knowledge of the most common automotive and aeronautic regulations, such as AIAG CQI9 and AMS 2750, the measurement, regulation and control systems adopted, in addition to the experience accumulated in our commercial heat treatment department, allows us to recommend and suggest the best solutions for our customers, such as kind of equipments, kind of control, kind of technology and so on.