Salt bath quenching - SIB Società Industriale Bagnolo



We supply equipment and spare parts for heat treatment plants.
We refit heat treatment plants in compliance with standards and CE certifications.

For example, we are able to supply the following spare parts:

  • muffles and tunnels for shaker hearth and conveyor belt furnaces
  • shaker hearts
  • retorts for rotative furnaces
  • complete retorts for pit furnaces with motor-fan group
  • retorts for endogas generators and ammonia crackers with catalyst
  • bottom soles, cast grids and platforms
  • steel boxes for case hardening, …
  • heating elements with or without ceramic support
  • electric radiant tubes
  • thermocouples with calibration Certificate
  • belt conveyors for furnaces
  • granulate for case hardening, carburizing or nitriding, …

Other auxiliary equipments for heat treatment:

  • Motor-fans for forced atmosphere circulation
  • Gas panels for controlled atmosphere
  • Automatic centrifugal separator and washing machines
  • Automatic feeder devices with weighting machines
  • O2 probes, λ probes and gas analysers to regulate the %C of the controlled atmosphere
  • hydrogen probes and gas analysers for the regulation of the nitriding potential
  • Supervision Systems for heat treating