Oil or polymer quenching - SIB Società Industriale Bagnolo



Over the past 30 years we have developed system management software with programmable logic controllers (PLC) and SIBVISION Supervision Systems.

The first construction dates back to 1989, with the manufacture of an automatic continuous hardening line with a capacity of 1000 kg / h. Since then, computer technology has made great strides, and now we have programs for the management of any type of heat treatment plant, with PLC, HMI touch panels, Panel PC and PC with pages of the complete layout of the installation, temperatures, alarms , processing recipes, historical data recording, in compliance with the most recent automotive standards such as CQI 9 and aeronautics such as ASM 2750.

We provide remote assistance software in remote online connection via the Internet, and the possibility of integrating the system into the corporate network as required by INDUSTRY 4.0.