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Heat treatment systems and plants

Rotative retort  furnaces MULTIPLEX

series 280


Tipping furnaces with rotative retort MULTIPLEX series 280

for heat treatment of small metal parts: treated bolts and screws which are self-threading, self-tapping

and self perforating, for wood, washers, small blanks, needles, small parts for padlocks, door locks, 

safety belts, snow chains, cycles, mechanics, nails, for the production of small, average and large quantities



Max. productive

capacity kg/h

1 35
2 60
3 100
4 200
5 300
6 400
Main characteristics / on request:

  Electric or gas heating
  Oil, polymer, salt bath quenching
  Automatic feeder / loader
  Measuring and automatic regulation 

      of Carbon Potential

Heat treatments:
  Martensitic hardening (oil or polymer 

     quenching) or  bainitic hardening


  Carburizing and carbonitriding